The Asian market is a demanding market that requires constant monitoring and adaptation.

Beyond the strict export conditions in Asia, the development and economic growth of secondary cities are opening up new markets with a different mode of consumption.

Once a luxury product, wine is becoming more attractive, especially to younger consumers who have seen their purchasing power increase.

Wine is now associated with a lifestyle.

This new clientele has a real interest in learning more about the wines they consume.


This thirst for knowledge is more than a trend, it translates into a demand for proximity and meetings with producers.

This new consumer is attentive to the provenance, the brand and packaging but also to t
he reputation of the vineyard favouring a wine that is more expensive, of better quality or that has been recommended to it.

“In China, almost one in two bottles of imported wine is French. Today, the consumption of imported wine is no longer limited to large cities like Shanghai or Beijing. Source: Marketing China July 2019


Break Events is a company specializing in the organization of wine events in Asia-Pacific region. It is made up of a team with more than 20 years of experience. We create events that are customized and tailored to the expectations of Asian importers and producers around the world.

Break Events represents several interprofessions. For several years, we have recruited importers from all over Asia for several show organisers in Europe. Since 2018, we have been organising our own events under the tastyWINES brand.

Break Events is headquartered in Paris, but we also have offices in China, Hong Kong and Korea that also allow us constant monitoring of the Asia-Pacific market.

With this presence on the field, we have developed an important network that brings together wine professionals: importers, distributors, and prescribers (media, sommeliers, hotel managers and restaurants). We have a network of more than 30,000 professionals across Asia.