We select and connect wine industry professionals
in order to optimize your business results.


1. We guarantee buyers a wide selection of wines.
2. We limit the number of producers per appellation and 35 per city.
3. We are open to vineyards from all over the world.
4. TastyWines Roadshows allows you to meet wine professionals in developing Asian cities.
5. Every year, we select cities to explore new territories for the distribution of your wines and allow your importers to find new markets.
6. We offer you 2 options to participate: attend directly or be represented by a local sommelier carefully selected by our Break Events Asia team. A unique service put in place for winemakers. 
7. We organize a dinner reserved for importers with the wines of associated exhibitors
8. We manage your samples, from transfer to the delivery at the place of the event.
9. We offer you a table and a tasting kit (glasses, spitters…).
10. We accompany you throughout the tour and on all the cities.


Because wine and spirits buyers also need authenticity and shared experiences with the winemaker, TastyWines Roadshows allows importers, distributors, sommeliers, cafes, restaurateurs, hoteliers and all prescribers media to meet up to 35 producers from around the world in 1 day.

This wide selection of wines allows you to:

→ develop your product portfolio and meet new producers,
→ co
ncentrate several weeks of prospecting on one day,
→ di
scovering new vintages,
exchanging with winemakers.



Because wine professionals need new discoveries, TastyWines Roadshows allows producers to offer their wines in secondary or emerging Asian markets. This primary positioning is an opportunity. We also limit the number of producers per appellation and 35 producers per city. Every year we organize a TastyWines Roadshow to visit at least 9 cities.

We select cities to explore new territories and meet new importers, distributors… to:

→ develop your business strategy and prospect for new buyers,
→ focus several weeks of prospecting,
 identify new opportunities,
gain visibility.

⇒ 2 options to participate

– Representation by a local sommelier: carefully selected by our Break Events Asia team, each producer will have the right to validate the choice of representation and will be able to count on the sommelier’s strong implication as well as out team’s. 

Attend directly: with a target of 9 cities in 3 weeks, you will be able to meet more than 2250 professionals from the sector and you will save the price of a full circuit.

Visit 3 cities and save 4 nights of hotel!

1 city: 2,250 euros HT
2 cities: 4,250 HT
3 cities: 6,150 euros HT

Register for 2 tours and save one stop and 5 hotel nights!

4 cities: 7,800 euros HT
5 cities: 9,250 HT
6 cities: 10,500 euros HT

Prospect 9 cities, save 1 round!

7 cities: 11,500 euros HT
8 cities: 12,400 HT
9 cities: 13,050 euros HT

2020 tariffs in effect

Gain visibility by organising masters classes

→ € 2500 HT / city with room equipped for 40 people
→ 1 hour presentation and Tasting (1 master class per city)

This participation includes:

→ Tasting table to present your products
→ Sending and managing 24 sample bottles
→ Presentation on our online catalogue
→ Networking dinner with VIP importers

→ Tasting kit (glasses, ice bucket, spittoon, …)

→ Media kit (web banners, logo, …). Download

Travel and accommodation are your expenses.
However, we negotiate preferential rates for you with the hotels that host our events.